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Red Bondage Rope from Bound to please

 Want a bondage rope in a colour to stir the passions?    Everybody finds red an exciting colour and so this is the fastest selling bondage rope at Bound to Please.    It looks good against all skin colours and photographs well. Particularly recommended for its  midtones and matt finish that shows up detail of  knot work in photographs.

  Made in pure red cotton to Bound to Please’s own specifications you should choose the 6mm width for classical Shibari Japanese rope bondage patterns, the 10mm for Shibari and general rope bondage work and the 15mm for sheer romantic luxury.

The 6mm is now back in stock and  made by our regular manufacturer.
Cotton  bondage rope is kind to the skin and contains no animal products.
red cotton bondage rope 6mm

Approximately 6mm thick (about 1/4 inch)   Great for Shibari Japanese rope bondage.
11 metres 6.85
15 metres 9.25

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Red 10mm bondage rope

Approximately 10mm thick (about 3/7th inch).   A good all purpose bondage rope.

10 metres/ 33 feet 9.95

White Bondage  Rope

Red Bondage Rope

Black Bondage Rope

Blue Bondage Rope

Silk Bondage rope