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Blue Bondage Rope from Bound to Please

This is an unusual bondage rope made from pure cotton in a medium blue;  very soft and flexible but still strong. You've already got bondage ropes in white, red and black, now add some blue to your collection!

16 plait and made with an oval profile it flattens nicely to the body.   English made magicians' pattern bondage rope does not have a core so is ready to use.

If you don't like the white whipping tell me what you colour you would like, there's a special box at the end of checkout for you to give me instructions

blue 7mm bondage rope

Approximately 6/7mm thick (about 1/4 inch)   Great for Japanese rope bondage

Now back in stock but please note, the new stock is a shade lighter than the photo.

11 metres/36 feet6.85
15 metres/48 feet9.25

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Blue 10mm bondage rope

Approximately 10mm thick (about 3/7th inch).   A good all purpose bondage rope.
Again, my new stock is a shade lighter than the photo.

10 metres/ 33 feet9.25
Out of stock, sorry

No, I don't have this blue cotton bondage rope in a Jumbo 15mm grade, you just don't buy enough!

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