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Black Bondage Rope from Bound to Please

This is one of our most popular bondage ropes, magicians' pattern ropes specially made for us  from pure jet black cotton. In the 10mm size it is not quite as soft as the white and red ropes but the more you use it the softer it will get.

 Black bondage rope looks absolutely great when used for shibari Japanese rope bondage work as the contrast with skin tones shows the intricacy of the pattern.  If you want the design to show to its best and you want small neat knots buy the 7mm bondage rope but get the 10mm or 15mm size if you  want it for a bit of sexy fun bedroom bondage. Rope this size  is easier to use for the less experienced rope bondage player and knots are easier to undo in these thicker ropes.

Bondage  rope of this type is made with 16 plaits and with an oval profile that flattens nicely to the body

Remember, if you would like a set of bondage ropes, cut and whipped to the lengths that suit you and your partner just email us.   You will pay the metre rate for the rope, the service comes free!

7mm  black cotton bondage rope

black 7mm bondage rope

Approximately 7mm thick (about 1/4 inch)   Great for Shibari  Japanese rope bondage.

11 metres 6.85
15 metres 9.25 

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10mm thick black cotton bondage rope

Black 10mm bondage rope
black rope close up

Approximately 10mm thick (about 3/7th inch).   A good all purpose bondage rope.  A little firmer than the other black ropes

10 metres/ 33 feet 9.95
  Out of stock

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15mm thick black cotton bondage rope

black 15mm bondage rope

The Jumbo thick grade bondage rope, 15mm (about 1/2 inch)
Thick rope doesn't work?  Well maybe not for Japanese rope bondage but its great for sexy bedroom bondage fun, there's a lot of fun to be had without turning your partner into human macrame. It knots just fine but it makes big knots. Just wrap it round instead or loop it; or position the knots in a convenient place. Very soft, luxurious and un-threatening.

10 metres/ 33 feet 11.45 Out of stock

White Bondage Rope

Red Bondage Rope

Black Bondage Rope

Blue Bondage Rope

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